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Executive Coaching

How will you make the most of your potential?

Executive coaching is no longer about “fixing” people – it's about investing in leaders with successful track records and excellent prospects. Since you’re reading this, your company likely thinks you’re worth the investment. 

Strong leadership is good. But to provide a superb return, your job is to unleash your capacity for extraordinary impact. 

Board members or senior management may be saying you need to “up your game” and “hone your EQ.” But they’re not offering detailed plans or specifics. How do you move from strong to superb?


That’s where I come in.


Creating Extraordinary Impact

Learn about the challenges, coaching experiences, and outcomes of a few of of my past clients.

"You’re not put into senior roles because of your technical skills. You get the big job because of the leader you’ve become."



Guidance from a coach who’s walked in your shoes.

With over 25 years of senior leadership experience at global powerhouses like Microsoft and Novartis, I bring a depth of business experience that’s uncommon among executive coaches.


Add to that years of experience coaching leaders at Silicon Valley startups, and you've got a powerful partner for 21st century executive success.


If you’re looking for someone who’s been where you want to go and successfully shown others the way, I think you’ve come to the right place.

"I was skeptical that coaching could truly help me advance...

but John’s business and work-life background aligned with mine. Early on in our sessions, I was shocked by the feedback he got from my coworkers – and surprised by the effectiveness of his methods. Working with John was extremely valuable. Today I am a much clearer communicator with a broader perspective and tools to assess the impact of my actions at work and at home. I highly recommend John."


Principal PM-T

Amazon Web Services

The Approach


We’ll meet 60 minutes, twice a month, for a minimum of six months.


First, we’ll dive deep into your core values – the ideals that are enduringly important to you.

These values form your unique leadership identity and foundation. And because they inform even the most minor decisions you make, we’ll leverage them throughout our work together.


Next, I’ll interview about a dozen of your superiors, reports, and co-workers and ask them what it’s like to work with you. Since their feedback is anonymous, they’ll be frank. I’ll learn about your strengths and the things people want you to do differently.

Then I’ll synthesize this 360 feedback, share it with you, and we’ll pick a few themes for your development.

A word of warning: Some of the feedback may make you gasp, but I encourage you to embrace the perspective you're gaining. Welcome these new insights. The greater self-awareness they'll provide you is a crucial element of superb leadership.


Meanwhile, you’ll take the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, the corporate world’s gold standard for personality assessment. The Hogan will highlight the bright aspects of your personality, as well as your motivators and career derailers.

We’ll review your personality results together. But our job is not to change who you are. It’s to increase your awareness of how you behave under pressure.

Armed with this awareness, and the skills and mindsets I’ll teach you, you’ll be able to respond more impactfully under fire.


Once we’ve gone over your 360 feedback and Hogan results, you’ll draft descriptions of your development areas with my help. Most clients identify three areas they want to double down on.  

Next, I’ll facilitate a meeting with you, your boss, and your HR partner or other trusted advisor. In this meeting, you’ll share your development areas and why they’re important and relevant to you right now. You’ll also self-score your current levels of mastery.

To ensure that you and I work on what they care about, I’ll ask your boss and HR partner for their reactions to your development areas. I’ll ask them to score your current mastery levels too.

Because you’re being open, honest, and vulnerable, this meeting will help your boss get more empathetically invested in your development. And it’ll make sure you and I don’t go off and work on something your superiors and team don’t care about.


Once we’ve got alignment and buy-in with your boss and HR, you and I get to work.

In our coaching sessions, I’ll teach you the tools, techniques, and mindsets you need to become a superb leader. More importantly, I’ll help you design experiments that you can try out in the real world.

Now it’s time for you to conduct your experiments. You'll start in low-risk situations and then move on to cases where the stakes are higher.

You’ll report back during our coaching sessions. I’ll help you see where you did well and what you can do better, all with an eye on your end goal: superb leadership.

I’ll also teach you a weekly practice of watching yourself in action – like pro athletes do when they view videos of their technique and make next-level adjustments. This simple practice will become core to your leadership muscle.


We’ll continue working, practicing, debriefing, and refining. About mid-way through our engagement, we’ll hold a checkpoint meeting with your boss and HR to assess progress. And at the end of our coaching work, we’ll do a final assessment to measure your improvement from start to finish.

You'll be astonished at your new capacity for extraordinary impact.

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