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How will you make the most of your potential?

Executive coaching is no longer about “fixing” people – it's about investing in leaders with successful track records and excellent prospects. If you’re reading this, your company thinks you’re worth the investment and wants to help you scale up as a leader. 

Possessing strong leadership skills is only the beginning. To provide a superb return, you need to unleash your capacity for extraordinary impact. 

If board members or senior management are encouraging you to “up your game,” “identify blind spots,” or “hone your EQ,” let’s get specific on how to get you there.

I’m here to help you move from strong to superb.


Creating Extraordinary Impact

Learn about the challenges, coaching experiences, and outcomes of a few of my past clients.

"You’re not put into senior roles because of your technical skills. You get the big job because of the leader you’ve become."


John Rex, Executive Coach.png

Guidance from a coach who’s walked in your shoes.

With over 25 years of senior leadership experience at global powerhouses like Microsoft and Novartis, I bring a depth of business experience that’s uncommon among executive coaches.


Combine that real-world experience with years coaching a diverse group of leaders—from executives at startups and multinationals to surgeons, lawyers, and scientists—and you've got a powerful partner as you accelerate your success.


If you’re looking for someone who’s been where you are—and where you want to go—and successfully shown others the way, you’ve come to the right place.

“John coached me through a very important breakthrough in my career, and I am walking away from this engagement with a better understanding of myself and the tools I need to continue this journey.
If you want someone who’s invested in your growth, development, and just genuinely loves seeing your progress, don’t hesitate to work with John. I would do it again tomorrow.”



CMO, Fanatics Betting & Gaming

Fanatics, Inc.

My Method

When we work together, we'll take a detailed and individualized approach to identify the specific systems, tools, and values to help you unlock your potential and reach the next level as a leader. 


Foundation: The Integrity System

If you're averse to phoniness and want your values to be reflected in your work and interactions, then establishing your Integrity System is vital. We'll connect your work to a deeper purpose by identifying your unique genius and unearthing your core values to help you win your way.  
These values form your unique leadership identity and foundation. And because they inform even the most minor decisions you make, we'll leverage them throughout our work together to help you cascade those values and your unique abilities throughout your organization, empowering your team and making you hyper-effective. 


Awareness: The Insight System

We'll build on your Foundation by cultivating and strengthening your Awareness, your Insight System, by pinpointing blind spots and exposing any derailers and obstacles.  
Your self-perception overlaps with others' impressions of you by about 80%—and that 20% is where the deepest insights and opportunities will be found. We'll dive into this 20% in a couple of ways.  

We'll complete a gold-standard personality assessment to identify your strengths and the brightest aspects of your personality, your performance under pressure, and top development areas. I'll also interview about a dozen of your superiors, reports, and other colleagues to understand better what it's like to work with you. I'll collect this feedback anonymously and synthesize it to share with you.

If the idea of these interviews gives you pause, that's normal. It certainly can be a vulnerable experience. Sometimes, the feedback even makes my clients gasp. But often, it confirms that they're on the right path and helps them double down on their commitment to coaching.  


Throughout this process, I encourage you to embrace the perspective you're gaining and welcome these new insights. The greater self-awareness they'll provide you is crucial to superb leadership. 


Focus: The Growth System

Once we've established Awareness and identified opportunities to scale and develop, it's time for us to hone in on what will move the needle most—your Growth System. 

With the insights gained from the assessment and the feedback, we'll draft descriptions of your top development areas and share them with your manager and a trusted advisor. We'll check in with them periodically throughout this journey. 

With their alignment, we'll co-create a plan to accelerate your success and truly help you take your leadership to new heights. The check-ins and coaching sessions strengthen a culture of accountability, motivate your leadership to be more empathetically invested in your development, and ensure that you and I design strategies to help you succeed in your immediate, current reality. 


Experiment: The Impact System

We'll meet twice a month for coaching sessions and apply customized tools, techniques, and mindsets to guide you toward becoming a superb leader. But I wouldn't be serving you well if all we did was talk about leadership. Once we have your Growth System in place, we must put it into practice to create impact. 


If you want to inspire high performers, you must develop yourself. And because impact starts at the top, we'll design experiments and identify opportunities to test the skills and tools you're learning in real-time—in the real world—first in low-stakes situations, then in pivotal ones. 
Like an elite athlete watching game films to improve their performance on the field, you'll become an observation expert: both of yourself and how others respond to you. You'll learn to make next-level adjustments to your performance and truly build your leadership muscle.  


We'll continue to practice, debrief, and refine throughout our work together. We'll check in again with your manager and trusted advisor to assess progress. And at the end of our coaching engagement, we'll do a final assessment to measure your improvement from start to finish.  


Next-level success requires next-level commitment, and I am excited to partner with you on your journey. 

There's no limit to the transformation you can achieve — let's get to work! 

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